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Special epoxy glue to cheer up new Jaguar

special epoxy glue to cheer up new Jaguar

September 1, 2004

Jaguar XJ, known as "expensive and rare", inherits the traditional elegance and luxury of XJ models in appearance. At the same time, the use of epoch-making cutting-edge technology makes the revolution of body structure a reality. The new Jaguar XJ body adopts aluminum alloy materials from the aviation industry, Special epoxy adhesive makes this material very "obedient" and firmly adhere to the car body

the aluminum body (i.e. BIW or BIW for short) is about 40% lighter than the steel body at the same level. Although the same lightweight aluminum material is used, the super technology only used in aircraft is added, which makes the body structure of the new Jaguar XJ take a big step forward. XJ adopts the riveting technology used for the first time in the world. Self piercing rivets, combined with epoxy adhesives for the aerospace industry, perfectly connect the aluminum profiles that have been molded, cast and extruded. This connection technology makes the car body strong, strong and durable. In addition to aluminum panels and castings, magnesium metal with the same strength as aluminum but 30% lighter weight is also used in the body beam to support the instrument panel and dashboard. Although the all aluminum body is basically a traditional single shell structure, the use of castings and extrusions in the local structure can enhance the body structure and reduce the overall number of aluminum plates

the all aluminum solution is to clean the load-carrying body structure of the buffer valve gold, which has brought revolutionary innovation to the new generation XJ. It is nearly 200 kg lighter than the traditional steel model of the previous generation for the operation of machine tools. The obvious benefits are: more fuel economy, lower emissions, and excellent safety and collision protection performance. In addition, the lightweight body of this all aluminum alloy also makes the performance of this car comprehensively improved, so as to obtain the best handling. The strength of the new car body is about 60% higher than that of the previous generation, which brings more positive significance. In this way, the new car is on a new stage of hard work in terms of dynamic performance, safety, refinement, durability, simple structure and advanced technology. This is exactly what Jaguar has incomparable advantages over its competitors, and these advantages are not simply reflected in performance and economy

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