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Special coating makes the fabric free from liquid dirt

parents often have to fight against the grape juice and ketchup stains on their children's clothes. In this way, they can safely go home and have a happy New Year's struggle. Now, they have a new ally: a durable coating covering the surface of cotton fabric, which can prevent the fabric from being contaminated with liquid

researchers have invented a multilayer molecular film, which is composed of nano silica. These tiny nano materials are combined by the attraction of positive and negative charges between them. Nano silica is covered with groups of atomic materials that can react with light, making the coating more firm

once activated by ultraviolet light, these atomic material groups will form a strong bond due to the electronic sharing relationship, so that the silica coating is firmly adsorbed on the fabric surface, so that the whole coating can effectively resist the contamination of stains

scientists have successfully photographed how small droplets bounce and roll down on the coated cotton fiber surface. The research results were published in this month's Langmuir academic journal

when contacting the coating, the angle formed between the droplet edge and the coating is an index to describe the water resistance of the coating. The global composite aerospace material market has a broad prospect in the next five years. The angle of droplet contact with the above composite coating is about 155 °, which is larger than that of automobile wax (90 °) and Teflon (95 °)

this coating is very stable. Even if the coated fabric is soaked in organic solvents and strong acids for 95 hours, or stirred in a washing machine for 50 times, the coating is still intact

however, although the cleanliness and durability of this coated fabric have been determined, the comfort and fashion of this fabric have yet to be proved

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