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Three trees space paint announced the entry of civil paint into the space technology era

three trees space paint announced the entry of civil paint into the space technology era

September 30, 2011

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[China paint information] at the time of the successful launch of "Tiangong-1" and the excitement of the whole country, a few days ago, there was another shocking news, after several space carrying experiments such as Shenzhou-6 and Shenzhou-7, As well as the National Postdoctoral research workstation and the academician expert workstation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the world's first space paint was officially launched a few days ago. It is understood that sankeshu, the R & D enterprise of space paint this time, has released two epoch-making new products: space wall paint and space wood paint, announcing that Chinese civil paint has entered the space technology era from the era of clean taste, clear taste and bamboo charcoal

it is understood that the space paint collects the experimental results of Shenzhou VI, Shenzhou VII and other space borne experiments. Its experiment and research and development process has gone through the unique space environment of weightlessness, sterility, pollution-free, strong radiation, high vacuum and so on. It has breakthrough technologies in its physical performance and environmental protection performance. The research and development concept and starting point occupy the forefront of the research and development of Chinese civil peel strength coatings, and is the representative of the cutting-edge technology of national coatings

in the era of global warming, space wall paint has original thermal insulation performance. The space wall paint designed based on the results of two space borne tests of three trees simulates the working principle of the space suit worn by astronauts, and creatively adopts the nano hollow bead technology. The existence of hollow beads makes the paint film form a vacuum insulation layer, which can effectively block the conduction of heat and realize the automatic temperature regulation function of warm winter and cool summer, According to the authoritative test results of the material testing center composed of time division errors recorded in the national building materials records, the thermal insulation temperature difference performance of space paint has reached 13.2 ℃, and the physical and constructability of space wall paint, such as formaldehyde removal, antibacterial, low-carbon environmental protection, super full effect, etc., are unmatched by many ordinary coatings

space wood paint completely subverts the tradition that previous wood paint research and development cannot avoid additives such as TDI, benzene, xylene, formaldehyde, etc. while ensuring excellent construction performance, it has super environmental protection properties such as "zero TDI, zero triphenyl, zero formaldehyde", and improves environmental protection performance to a new level. Its advantages of super yellowing resistance, high fullness, scratch resistance and wear resistance h. The luxury test interface software can realize control modes such as constant speed, fixed displacement, fixed load (holding time can be set), fixed load, etc. plus the multi-stage control mode, it can meet different test requirements, and also has a breakthrough improvement

sankeshu is the first and only enterprise in the world to carry out space carrying experiments with the help of manned spacecraft such as Shenzhou VI and Shenzhou VII. Since 2005, after the successful use of Shenzhou VI for tests, the research and development of space paint has been started. During this period, scientific experiments and demonstrations have been carried out with Shijian VIII and Shenzhou VII. The use of this material can reduce the production process of switches and sensors for on-board equipment, improve long-term reliability and design freedom, and obtain a series of accurate scientific research data. The launch of space paint has condensed the painstaking efforts of Chinese scientists, making a breakthrough in China's national coating technology, and China's civil coatings have officially entered the era of space technology

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