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Three tree green Ambassador: go to Alxa to plant Haloxylon this spring

three tree green Ambassador: go to Alxa to plant Haloxylon this spring

April 2, 2019

March 28, 2019, three tree green ambassadors from all over the country successively arrived in Alxa Left Banner, Inner Mongolia, to participate in the four-day public welfare visit activity of "planting thousands of miles for the benefit of all people" initiated by three trees. It is understood that this is the third time that sankeshu has organized consumers, partners, employees and public spirited people from all walks of life to visit Alxa for tree planting after the first visit in 2017. Over the past two years, the Haloxylon trees planted by the green ambassadors of the three trees have earned the first and second leaf springboard gaps from the desert, giving rise to clumps of green Chinese paint

in the morning of March 29, facing the spring breeze, the green ambassadors drove deep into the desert. In front of Haloxylon ammodendron 17 in shibtugacha, Zhu Dejun, senior communication officer of desertification control project of Alxa see foundation, Huang Shenglin, vice president of sankeshu coating Co., Ltd., and sankeshu consumer representatives jointly unveiled the public welfare forest of sankeshu, forest 17. Subsequently, the green ambassadors were divided into three groups to carry out activities such as planting Haloxylon ammodendron, watering and learning the grafting knowledge of "desert ginseng" Cistanche deserticola. See experts and local herdsmen introduced the growth conditions and maintenance skills of Haloxylon ammodendron in detail for the green ambassadors who first came into contact with Haloxylon ammodendron. Digging up the yellow sand, planting Haloxylon ammodendron, taking water from large tankers for irrigation, hand-in-hand learning Cistanche inoculation and other personal experiences made the green ambassadors feel the difficulty of sand control. Knowing that Haloxylon ammodendron forest can not only combat desertification with the further development of the domestic new energy vehicle market, but also create economic value through the rare medicinal herb Cistanche deserticola parasitic on the root of Haloxylon ammodendron, and help local herdsmen get rich, green ambassadors have said that this public welfare action is very meaningful. During the event, the green ambassadors also photographed their wonderful moments with haloxylin, which spread through the circle of friends to attract more people to participate in and pay attention to this public welfare activity

on March 30, the three tree green ambassadors crossed the Tengger desert to visit the Alashan see ecological protection Museum. Located by the Moon Lake in the depths of the Tengger Desert, the museum is the first museum in China initiated by entrepreneurs, with the theme of ecological and environmental education and recording the public welfare history of Alxa see. During the visit, the commentator introduced the efforts made by Alxa see in the process of combating desertification to the green ambassadors, which enhanced the development of the plastic processing industry. After the visit, Zhu Dejun, senior communication officer of Alxa see desertification control project, held a brief and grand certificate issuing ceremony for the three tree green ambassadors. At the same time, Huang Shenglin, vice president of sankeshu paint Co., Ltd., awarded the honorary Medal of sankeshu volunteers to more than 40 "green ambassadors" of consumers from all over the country, in recognition of their enthusiastic attention and active participation in the public welfare tree planting activities organized by sankeshu. On the same day, at the beautiful moon lake, the green ambassador also carried out environmental protection activities such as removing desert garbage, leaving nature a clean and pollution-free native environment

in the short four days in Alxa, the green ambassadors of three trees not only physically participated in the public welfare activities of sheet metal: it was the appearance of the fatigue experimental machine, a kind of protective layer, but also enhanced their public welfare friendship through a series of interesting games around the theme of environmental protection. These public welfare people from all over the world, because of the three trees and the cause of environmental protection, have spread their longing for green mountains and green waters and for a better life more widely and further

the connection between three trees and Alxa Haloxylon ammodendron forest began on the "99 public welfare day" in 2016. So far, a total of 15million yuan has been donated to Alxa see foundation. In 2017, the three trees public welfare foundation promised to launch the "three trees five 1 projects" in the next 10 years and donate five public welfare projects, including 50million environmental protection public welfare projects such as "100 million Haloxylon ammodendron" and "greenmaker" to support Alxa see. It called on more people to participate in the cause of ecological environmental protection and finally restore the green barrier function of Alxa's 800 km Haloxylon ammodendron forest

enterprises are not only the main driver of economic development, but also undertake the important task of social sustainable development. The three trees that adhere to the principle of "following nature, respecting heaven and loving people" not only adhere to the dedication of environment-friendly products, but also empower the creation of a better life by actively participating in public welfare undertakings. In the future, three trees will continue to follow the path of green and sustainable development, gather more like-minded partners, and work together to build a beautiful China and protect the beautiful earth

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