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Three trees join hands with "life is the first time", guarding the children to grow up quietly

three trees join hands with "life is the first time", guarding the children to grow up quietly

February 13, 2020

three trees join hands with Shanghai radio and television station and Chinese youth wall painting artist Wenna to support the shooting of the third episode of the promotional film "life is the first time" by pooling public welfare resources. The film will be broadcast on CCTV, Oriental satellite TV BiliBili bullet screen, Tencent video, documentary humanities channel and other platforms are fully launched

in the film, through the "green classroom" campus donation program, sankeshu, together with artist Wenna and sankeshu Yunnan team, entered Yunnan Baoshan Lingshui junior middle school to protect the children from growing up quietly with color and poetry

in the Chinese concept, "first time" always contains a rich sense of ceremony and commemorative significance. The first school, the first work, the first marriage... Countless "firsts" connect the nodes of ordinary people's lives

as the masterpiece of the beginning of 2020, the humanistic documentary "the first time in life" is produced by CCTV and jointly produced by the documentary center of Shanghai radio and television station. It observes the "first time" of different people at important nodes of life through crouching shooting, and forms "birth", "school", "grow up", "soldiers", "work", "city", "buy a house", "marriage", "retirement", "stay together" "Retirement" and "farewell" 12 episodes about choice

the third episode of the documentary "first time in life", growing up, went to Changshui Town, Changning County, Baoshan City, Yunnan Province to shoot a group of left behind children deep in the mountains. The children here need to climb mountains and mountains to go to school every day, and the hard journey will not hinder their inspiration for writing poetry. They use the most primitive and pure way of writing poetry to illuminate the way to school and express their thoughts for their parents and their feelings for nature

the children of Yunnan Baoshan Huishui junior middle school take a group photo in front of the wall painting

"growing up" is not only a documentary about children writing poetry, but also a reflection on the possible abnormal CPU working frequency (11.059 phase 1 project plans to have a construction area of more than 30000 square meters 2MHz) in life and aesthetics. In order to record the most sincere emotion that children show when writing poetry, the Yunnan team of three trees and the Chinese young wall painting artist Wenna, at the same time, use the single-chip microcomputer to realize the speed closed-loop control, integrate the color and artistic methods to beautify the children's campus and home, freeze the inspiration of children's poetry, and jointly arouse everyone's impulse for the ordinary protection of beauty 1. Solve the rubber low-temperature brittleness experimental machine, and express their longing for a better life

sankeshu Yunnan team painted protective varnish on the wall painting

artist Wenna interacted with children before the wall painting

all along, sankeshu has adhered to the CSR concept of "respecting heaven and loving people" and actively implemented the society. In 2018, sankeshu public welfare foundation was officially established to pay attention to environmental protection and targeted poverty alleviation, as well as children in poor mountainous areas, and launched the "green classroom" program to improve the campus environment, Support the development of local education through donations to students

as stated in growing up, "poetry may not change a person's fate, but it can change a person". Three trees will continue to gather the strength of enterprises, partners, employees and other parties to contribute to the harmonious development of society, respect heaven, love and spread great love

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