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Sankeshu waterproof won the bid for the centralized procurement strategy of eight top 100 real estate and well-known enterprise groups

sankeshu waterproof won the bid for the centralized procurement strategy of eight top 100 real estate and well-known enterprise groups

May 9, 2020

recently, sankeshu waterproof signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Xincheng holdings, Huaxia happiness, Shougang real estate, Renheng land, Huahong Jiaxin, Xindu real estate, Zhuoer holdings, Guohong Xinrui, This marks that sankeshu waterproof has reached a closer strategic partnership with eight group companies

1. Xincheng Holdings

after 27 years of rapid development, Xincheng Holdings has become a comprehensive real estate group covering residential and commercial real estate, ranking 8th in China's real estate industry in 2020. Xincheng holdings adheres to the dual core driven strategic model of residential real estate and commercial real estate, focusing on residential development, while rationally selecting high-quality plots for the development and operation of commercial complexes

2. Founded in 1998, Huaxia happiness is China's leading industrial new town operator in destructive experiments of parts change. The company adheres to the two wheel drive of industrial new town and related businesses, commercial office and related businesses. As of the end of June 2019, the company's asset scale exceeded 450 billion yuan

3. Shougang real estate

Beijing Shougang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shougang Group's waste plastic recycling plant. Relying on the resource advantages of Shougang Group, Shougang real estate implements the "two wheel drive" development strategy. On the one hand, Shougang implements its own land use work, and on the other hand, implements market-oriented project operation. At present, it has formed four strategic areas in Beijing, Southwest China, Bohai rim and Southeast China. Its development products cover residential, apartment, villa, commercial, office building, tourism resort and hotel, and has won nearly 100 awards in the real estate industry

4. Yanlord land

Singapore Yanlord Land Group Co., Ltd. based in China, selects high-growth, strategic key cities in China to develop high-end refined decoration residential, commercial and comprehensive property projects. Starting from affluent Shanghai and Nanjing, Renheng has developed high-quality residential buildings in high-quality urban areas. The projects built by Renheng are well-known. Renheng has become a well-known brand in the industry and a symbol of high quality

5. Hua Hong Jiaxin

Hua Hong Jiaxin is a comprehensive holding group mainly engaged in real estate development and involved in many fields, such as commercial production city, construction, fund, investment, hardcover, landscape, trade and property services. It has the "first-class qualification of national real estate development enterprise". It is committed to becoming a "developer of urban high-quality assets", practicing the product concept of comprehensive high-quality and comprehensive transcendence, focusing on the research and development of residential, commercial office, industrial city and other properties, and jointly building a product pattern covering the form of comprehensive properties such as flat rise apartments, duplex Chinese Residences, garden houses, townhouses and non residential products

6. Xindu real estate

since entering the field of real estate development in 2000, Xindu group has adhered to the development concept of "adding vitality to the city and creating excellence for life", adhered to providing customers with high-quality residential products and living environment, and won the recognition of the market and the reputation of owners by relying on quality and reputation. Xindu real estate takes "craftsman electronic universal testing machine, also known as electronic tensile testing machine, build a better life with wisdom" as its own responsibility, and uses scientific and technological means to promote product upgrading, build a scientific and technological smart house that meets the needs of a better life in the future, and lead the new trend of industry development

7. Zhuoer holding

Zhuoer Holding Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive industry group with the integrated development of advanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry. With the mission of "building a city with wisdom, connecting the world with wisdom, and creating a future with wisdom", China is still in the stage of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization, and internationalization. It is the largest shareholder of Zhongbang bank, the only private bank in Hubei Province. The company has been ranked among the top 500 Chinese enterprises for six times, and has successively won many national honors, such as "national advanced grassroots party organization for excellence", "China Charity Award", "national advanced private enterprise for employment and social security", "national advanced private enterprise for targeted poverty alleviation action of 'ten thousand enterprises help ten thousand villages' and" top 100 leading enterprises in China's strategic emerging industries "

8. Guohong Xinrui

Guohong Xinrui is a comprehensive real estate group mainly engaged in residential property development and involved in many fields, such as commercial property cities, building construction, architectural design, landscape architecture and so on. Always adhere to the brand concept of "good intentions, beautiful life", with a steady and rapid development trend, it has formed a domestic leading vision and pattern in strategy and operation

as a practitioner and communicator of "the way of scientific and technological waterproofing of green buildings", sankeshu waterproofing has always adhered to the brand concept of "scientific and technological waterproofing, long-term construction and long-term safety". Over the years, with the scientific and technological exploration and innovation in the field of waterproofing, it has continuously provided customers with extreme products and extreme service systems. The signing of the centralized procurement strategic cooperation will enable the "six in one" system of sankeshu waterproof green building to carry out diversified cooperative applications in different fields, and give full play to the comprehensive advantages of sankeshu waterproof "one-stop products + services". It is believed that in the future cooperation, sankeshu waterproof and the eight group companies will unite strongly and share resources, so as to contribute to the innovation, progress and upgrading of products and services in the waterproof industry

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