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There are three ways for the future printing industry. Having experienced the Asian financial crisis in 2008, facing the current situation of the global economic downturn in 2012, Yang Jinxi is not pessimistic. He told: Hong Kong printing enterprises have experienced many difficulties and passed too many hurdles. For the current economic crisis, Hong Kong Printing Enterprises are still relatively resistant, and most printing enterprises are still very stable

it is understood that some Hong Kong funded enterprises withdrew their capital from the mainland. How to explain this phenomenon? Yang Jinxi said that there were not many enterprises that withdrew capital, that is, one or two. The reason why some enterprises withdraw capital is caused by external environmental factors and difficulties encountered by themselves

since the beginning of this year, China's export situation has been poor due to the reduction of overseas market demand. In the first half of the year, the export scale of Guangdong's cultural products continued to decline. According to the statistics of the General Administration of customs, Guangdong exported 2.32 billion US dollars of cultural products in the first half of 2012, a sharp decrease of 27.2% over the same period last year, especially since this year, the decline rate in each month has exceeded 20%. But there is also good news. According to the Ministry of Commerce, the export of cultural products in Dalian increased rapidly in the first half of the year, of which the export of printed goods reached US $05 million, a year-on-year increase of 2.4 times. From recent January to July this year, Anhui's exports of books and other printed materials also had good export performance

what about the orders of Hong Kong printing enterprises? Yang Jinxi said that there were indeed fewer orders, but not much less. Now buyers are making short orders and pay attention to short-term benefits. Some enterprises can't see the market clearly, especially large enterprises are unwilling to make short orders. However, the order situation in recent months is better than that in the first half of the year, and there are more orders

there are three ways for the printing industry in the future

no one can tell how long the global financial crisis caused by the European and American debt crisis will continue to affect the global economic trend. For the printing industry, we have to wait for the recovery of all industries to get out of the low. Due to a good machine Valley, how long does it take? Twoorthree years or fiveorsix years

in the short term, Yang Jinxi said that the global economy is definitely bad. In my opinion, it will take a long time to alleviate the pressure brought by the economic environment. But I don't think the profit of China's export-oriented printing enterprises will be bad if they make the experimental machine reach the qualified use state. Why? Because many overseas printing enterprises have closed down, but the demand for printing is still there. Buyers need to find cheaper places to print, so we still have opportunities to wait

it is noted that waiting for opportunities is what Yang Jinxi says most every time he experiences a major crisis. In 2008, he talked about waiting for opportunities, but he also mentioned that printing enterprises should practice their internal skills. This time, he also mentioned practicing internal skills. He said that under the bad external economic situation, printing enterprises should make profits internally. Now the profit margin of printing enterprises in Hong Kong will be lower than before, and all kinds of data will decline as a whole. However, we have modern production, less waste, high efficiency and good management. We should compete with this

for the development trend of the future printing industry, Yang Jinxi put forward his own views: the future printing industry should take three ways: one is green printing, one is standardization, and the other is creativity. Green printing is not only the society of enterprises, but also a magic weapon for enterprises to reduce costs. Standardization has two advantages: first, it does not need high requirements for workers' skills (4) good fire performance technology; second, it reduces waste, which is the key to maintaining the quality of printed matter. And creativity will be the most profitable part of printing enterprises

he said that now the country advocates Chinese culture to go out, and it is the fastest and easiest to go out by publications. This national policy is beneficial to our printing industry and our whole country

competition depresses printing wages

the same problem encountered by private enterprises in the mainland is that some descendants of printing business owners in Hong Kong feel that printing does not make money, or it is difficult to make money, and some do not want to take over, resulting in some printing enterprises not doing printing after the retirement of the older printers. This phenomenon also exists in Guangdong

as the chairman of Guangdong Dongguan Jinbei Printing Co., Ltd., Yang Jinxi said that few printing enterprises in Guangdong have really closed down, and most of them are small enterprises. Some printing enterprises are not closed down, but because they don't make money and don't do printing. The number of such enterprises is small, which is probably more than 10 according to his knowledge. He believes that this situation is very normal, that is, under normal circumstances, there are also enterprises that fail or do not do

the printing industry in the mainland is now on the track of increasing volume and reducing profits. The profit margin of most book and magazine printing enterprises remains at a few tenths of a percentage point. Is that the same with the printing industry in Hong Kong? Yang Jinxi admitted: the same

he said that judging from the business situation this year, the volume of printing business has not decreased, but the unit price of products has decreased, so the overall data will be dragged down. Nowadays, many enterprises that used to be engaged in the printing of leisure books and periodicals such as children's stereoscopic books have begun to turn to the field of textbooks due to the decline in business volume in this field, which has lowered the printing price of printing enterprises in Hong Kong

what made him helpless was that the main reason for lowering the printing price was the result of fighting with his own people. He told: now it is Chinese enterprises that compete with each other for orders, and finally grab such a low price. As soon as your price comes down, people will certainly not give you an increase. Now this low price is unreasonable. If you continue to rob like this, you will eventually fight yourself to death

he reluctantly said: I called many times, but it didn't work

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