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Three dimensional composition and packaging design

one of the more important design elements in commodity packaging design is the modeling design of packaging. Like other principles such as architectural design and industrial product design, the box type design and container shape design of packaging are all determined by the function of its tensile testing machine, which usually only tests the samples specified in the experimental standards. When we develop this software, we can determine the shape, which is based on the nature, shape and weight of the packaged products. It is a more scientific design method to reasonably apply the principle of three-dimensional composition in solving the modeling structure of packaging

I. packaging carton shape design

carton is a three-dimensional shape, and its forming process is a multi-faceted shape formed by the movement, accumulation, folding and surrounding of several surfaces. The surface in the three-dimensional composition plays the role of dividing space in space. By cutting, rotating and folding the surfaces in different parts, the resulting surfaces have different emotional expressions. The plane is flat, smooth and concise; The surface is soft, gentle and elastic; The simplicity and fullness of the circle and the strictness and solemnity of the square are exactly what we must consider when studying the physical structure of the carton. The research on polyhedron in three-dimensional composition is to find the change law between the faces of polyhedron and explore the relationship between the change of the faces of polyhedron and the strength of materials

for example, face joint usually appears in the structure of box cover, box body and box bottom in three ways: point joint, wire joint and face joint. Take the bottom of the box as an example: the bottom of the box is the part that bears the most influence among the factors such as weight, pressure resistance, vibration, fall, etc., which is more suitable for surface connection. The bottom of the box is firmly sealed and shaped by means of mutual bolting and locking on all sides. This structure can pack various types of products, mostly small and medium-sized bottled products. In addition, the six basic geometric forms and their variants in polyhedron are similar to the complex and changeable external forms of commodities in real life. The carton packaging structure should give full play to the molding characteristics of polyhedron and skillfully use body language to express the characteristics of goods and the aesthetic feeling of packaging in terms of the functions and characteristics of goods

for many food packages on the market at present, the forming basis of their outer packaging boxes is exactly the definition of Plato or Archimedes in polyhedron: each side is composed of repeated shapes and each side is combined with different shapes. The more the combined faces are, the closer they are to the sphere. For example, the appearance of Japanese chocolate packaging just corresponds to the definition of Plato's sphere: it is 5 after folding 8 identical equilateral triangle cardboard The low-temperature constant temperature bath should be placed in a dry and ventilated place, interspersed with each other, surrounded into a regular octahedron, and the seal is cleverly connected with a simple and simple silk rope. At present, the state of weak market demand has not been improved. It plays the role of fastening function, has a rigorous shape, and has the unique national style of Japan

Second, container modeling design of packaging

container modeling design is also a space art, which uses a variety of different materials and processing means to create a three-dimensional image in space. When determining a basic shape, the sculpture method is often used as the basic segment, and then the shape is cut or combined. The positioning of the basic shape comes from the geometric shape, such as sphere, cube, cylinder, cone, etc. The bottle shape of cosmetics usually takes the cylinder as the basic shape, while the cylindrical structure in the three-dimensional composition is mainly reflected in three aspects: the change of the end of the cylinder, the change of the cylinder surface and the change of the prism line of the cylinder, using the methods of cutting, bending, rotating, concave and so on. For example, in the complete design of Lumei cosmetics, the bottle shape follows the cylinder shape, but on the end of the column (bottle cap), 4 pieces are cut off by cutting, resulting in 4 planes. The combination of curved surface and plane makes the golden brightness of electrochemical aluminum cover stronger, enhances the visual effect of contrast, and feels novel. The design of many perfume bottles is often cut or twisted on the basis of square and oval, so as to form a polygonal bottle shape, which strengthens the refraction effect of glass

in addition, simulation method is also a design means of container modeling. That is, directly imitate a concrete form to enhance the intuitive effect of goods and attract consumer groups. The bionic structure in three-dimensional composition provides a good help for us to reflect the colorful real life and enrich and improve our performance ability. Example: the bottle type of Scotch whisky is designed as a bell image, because the brand of the wine is bell. It achieves the effect of publicizing the product brand. French harmony sweet wine bottle is designed to occupy its image, indicating that the nature of wine is mild and makes people happy after drinking. Although the design form of simulation method is more concrete, it should be relevant, reasonable, and the object of imitation should strive for the beauty of form. Packaging design is also an abstract form of language expression. How to use abstract language to express the artistic appeal of packaging design also requires the auxiliary practice of three-dimensional composition

1. Vitality the form we study is a form in a static state, and many natural forms give people an aesthetic feeling with their exuberant vitality, absorb the spirit of expansion and extension in natural forms, and creatively apply them in packaging design

2. Dynamic means good quality such as development, progress and balance. Using the method of gradual change to form visual time changes can form a dynamic composition. In the design, it usually depends on the curve and the rotation of the shape in the space

3. The sense of volume refers to the psychological feeling brought by volume. The key to design is to deal with how the form of the same volume gives different psychological hints. The use of local defect reduction, addition, overturning and buckling can reflect good results

4. Sense of depth. There are many forms with sense of depth in natural forms, which can be fascinating. Use abstract forms to reflect depth, such as contrast and harmony, rhythm and rhythm; The overall shape of the form, such as unity and change, symmetry and balance, can give spiritual beauty

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