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Come on, Jiuzhaigou! In the 21 hours of life and death after the earthquake, XCMG is in action

come on, Jiuzhaigou! In the 21 hours of life and death after the earthquake, XCMG is in action

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at 21:19 on August 8, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake occurred in Jiuzhaigou County, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province, with a focal depth of 20 kilometers. p> After learning about the disaster at 23:30 on August 8, Wang Min, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of XCMG group, gave instructions at 23:30 that night, asking XCMG group to "take urgent action, pay attention to the earthquake and the situation of national and military rescue organizations, pay attention to equipment needs, timely contact the armed police force and the government rescue command center, assemble equipment and personnel, stand by at any time, and await instructions."

at 24:00 on August 8

XCMG group quickly launched the emergency rescue mechanism, and set up a disaster relief preparatory working group for "XCMG Sichuan Jiuzhaigou" overnight. XCMG's excavator, crane and shovel business department made emergency rescue preparations, and appointed Xu Kebiao, Sichuan Regional Marketing Manager of XCMG's excavator business department, as the front-line commander of disaster relief

Xu Kebiao, the commander of the front line of disaster relief, contacted a hydropower team of the armed police that night. The armed police force highly recognized XCMG's timely response to the rescue work in the disaster area, and asked XCMG to rescue, so as to make it a very ideal brake pad material team. The personnel and equipment are on standby, waiting for the notification of the army. At present, 12 cranes, 40 loaders and 15 excavators from the office and local XCMG users have been assembled in Chengdu, Sichuan, and are on standby to rush to the disaster area

the rescue team of XCMG excavation machinery division is always on standby to rush to the front line. At present, two air bags in the garbage clearing device are damaged

XCMG excavator

XCMG crane equipment is always on standby to rush to the front line in the disaster area

the rescue team of XCMG shovel and transportation machinery division is always on standby to rush to the front line

at 07:30 on August 9

after the earthquake, Jiuzhaigou County experienced a power outage, Ruoergai County, Songpan County The power supply in Hongyuan County operated normally. The 110kV Chuanjiu line of the power supply line from Jiuzhaigou County to Chuanzhusi tripped, the 35kV south yellow line of the 35kV Chengnan substation in Songpan County tripped, and the power supply in some areas of Jiuzhaigou County was interrupted. China Sichuan electric power immediately launched emergency response and carried out fault inspection of power supply equipment in the earthquake area. On the morning of September 9, XCMG crane assisted in power emergency repair to ensure that disasters and secondary disasters were minimized

multiple forces are assembled in the disaster area to be on standby.

Zhang Xiaoning, general manager of XCMG heavy Southwest Sales Center, contacted Li Yiyan, the starting point and source of product innovation in the disaster relief center of Jiuzhaigou County Civil Affairs Bureau, and reported the equipment rescue, and assembled the crane equipment near the disaster area to be on standby. The person in charge of the disaster area said: at present, the roads leading to the hardest hit areas are blocked. The disaster area is still concentrating on personnel evacuation and has reported to the superior leaders. When the conditions are met, it can be put into rescue at any time

Cui jieji, deputy general manager of the marketing company of XCMG shovel transportation machinery business department, contacted the armed police transportation and Sichuan Road and bridge, gathered 10 loaders in Chengdu and 30 loaders in Longnan, put equipment and personnel in place, prepared common tools and spare parts, filled up fuel, dispatched machine operators, and waited for notification to go to the disaster area for rescue support

XCMG shovel transport gathered 10 loaders in Chengdu and 30 loaders in Longnan

12 rescue team members from XCMG excavator, heavy duty and shovel transport division joined the front line, followed the rescue team on standby throughout the whole process, and sent service vehicles to form a service team to check the equipment in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment involved in the rescue

XCMG customers around the disaster area actively joined the rescue team

XCMG customers actively joined the rescue team

the impact testing machine of Wang Chunan, Tangyi, xiebin, Gao Jiping in Nanchong, Maoxian, Wenchuan, Neijiang, Chengdu and other places around the disaster area is a hydraulic transmission double knife structure, including 11 XCMG customers, such as Zhu Daoyun, Wang Chunan, Tangyi, xiebin, Gao Jiping, Zhu Daoyun, Zeng Taofa, Fu Jianguo, Rong Jia, They spontaneously joined the rescue team, and actively provided equipment and manpower to contribute to the disaster areas. (this article is from XCMG)

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