The 20th Asia Summit was successfully concluded on

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The 20th Asian summit was successfully concluded on May 24

fastmarkets risi Asian Conference was successfully concluded at Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai on May 24

this session attracted more than 200 well-known enterprises in the industry from 25 countries with a wide range of speed regulation, management, market, research and development and other people to attend

some participating enterprises include:

Prince paper, golden light paper, Deloitte paper products, Fenlin group, UPM Sichuan, Hansong paper, Jianhui paper, China paper Investment Co., Ltd.

Meili Paper, Shandong sun, Shandong Chenming, Shanying paper, Shandong Shiji sunshine, Asia Pacific Senbo, Itochu, Mitsui products, Yueyang Lin paper, Liansheng paper, Yunnan Yunjing, Zhongshun jierou, donnali, Xiamen Jianfa, Home depot, P & G, Unilever, HP, Johnson & Johnson, Budweiser, Shanghai Johnson, Siemens, Maersk, bilt,

cng, CYC promote the industrialization, new type and functionalization of high-end high-molecular composites Le link, Eldorado Brazil, GSPP, havi, Hansol paper, Ilim group, IHS

global, JK paper, Mondi, Moorim paper, SCG, smurfitkappa, Sappi, Sodra,

SP should process 1 inspection rod economy.Minerals, UNISOURCE papers, Veolia, Visy, westrock, etc

during the two-and-a-half-day meeting, more than 20 senior executives from well-known enterprises in the upstream and downstream of the industry and fastmarkets

risi economists/analysts gathered at the scene and published a number of special reports covering wood chips, pulp, recycled paper and various paper types at home and abroad. And exchange views with the audience on the current hot spots and industry trends, and jointly explore the future of the pulp and paper market

at the same time, the meeting also set up several interactive forums. Industry opinion leaders from golden light paper, Shanying, Fenlin group, China paper Investment Co., Ltd., April, UPM, Moorim and other industries conducted in-depth discussions on enterprise growth measures and pulp and paper market prospects under the new economic situation, providing new ideas for the development of participating enterprises

in the special interview session of recycled paper, new materials for fastmar household appliances will also usher in more opportunities and challenges. Zhao Huixia, senior economist of risi, first introduced the situation of the global recycled paper market. Tang Yanju, Deputy Secretary General of the China Renewable Resources Recycling Association, shared the relevant policies and measures taken by the central and local governments to support local recycling enterprises, improve local recycling systems, and increase recycling volume in response to the problem of the shortage of waste paper raw materials in China's paper industry as a whole caused by the new policy on imported waste paper

the consumption and procurement demand buyer Symposium forum hosted by Feng Yan, director of fastmarkets risi

paper lianxun, was attended by Hou Xiaoyu, special assistant to the chairman of Shandong century sunshine paper, Shi Huabing, regional procurement manager of Siemens, Ma Jing, deputy director of Asia Pacific sub packaging procurement of AB InBev, and Liu Ju, general manager of Wuxi xinxiangheng Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. The forum guests had a heated discussion on the carton procurement issues concerned by the industry, the corresponding optimization plan, the future carton packaging demand and the current situation of imported base paper by Chinese enterprises

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